This is a food service company  based in Chicago. We Specialize in providing beef, chicken, lamb, veal, pork, turkey and other specialties. Food service is what we do. 

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Chicago's Best

Anmar Quality Meats offers the best hamburgers in the Chicago market. We produce all of our blends fresh every single day and only use the best meat available. We hand select the whole muscle cuts for our burgers to maintain quality, tenderness, and flavor. We strive for excellence and always put our customers first, therefore meat quality is at the core of our values. Our burgers are available in any size from 2-10oz and we will make specific sizes. We can customize any blend and already have many to choose from. Check out some of our blends below or contact us about making a custom blend for your taste profile. We will dedicate our time to meet your exact needs.

Our Most Famous Blends

Prime - 100% USDA Prime Burger

Anmar Angus - hand selected angus cuts

Special Blend - hand selected whole cuts of beef brisket with chuck

100% Pure - Beef 80/20 local ground chuck

Lean - 100% Beef 90/10 local chuck ground lean for a firm healthy burger