Anmar Quality Meats is Chicago’s top meat purveyor. We provide superior meat products including the best burgers, prime steaks, gourmet chicken, and many more.


Anmar Foods is committed to sustainable means of production, distribution, and discarding waste. All recyclable materials are brought to a facility where they are properly sorted and recycled. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint.  The inedible byproducts that result from processing are appropriately disposed of and used to make other commodities reducing our total waste. We proudly buy local beef chuck to make our ground beef products.

Local means the product travels less than 400 miles. This reduces greenhouse gases that are emitted through transportation from start to finish. Water used in our facilities is filtered for any contaminants before being discarded. By doing this we are reducing unwanted chemicals in our natural watershed, which we all rely on. We buy our products from companies that follow similar practices and are currently doing research into methods of renewable energy to further reduce our impact on the environment.