This is a food service company  based in Chicago. We Specialize in providing beef, chicken, lamb, veal, pork, turkey and other specialties. Food service is what we do. 


We offer a wide variety of burgers that are made fresh daily. We customize any burger or ground beef product to the customer’s exact want. They can come layer pack or sealed air tight to create a longer shelf life. Our burgers are gourmet and are made from pure cuts of chuck. Our chuck is bought local as much as possible and all USDA certified. Our facilities are USDA inspected and our products are tested through HACCP program to ensure safety. The burgers all can come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 8oz down to 2oz. They typically are round burgers, however any shape is available. Any ground beef product can be purchased in bulk, fresh, or frozen.

Our Types Of Burgers

Prime - 100% USDA Prime Burger

Anmar Angus - hand selected angus cuts through our program

Special Blend - hand selected special trim brisket ground with local chuck

100% Pure - Beef 80/20 local chuck ground with trimmings

Lean - 100% Beef 90/10 local chuck ground lean for a firm healthy burger

Pork Infused Blend - local chuck ground with pork trimmings for a juicy taste

Seasoned Blend - made with our own blend of seasonings to give the burger an extra kick

Custom Recipes, let us work with you. Request any type of burger until we get the perfect one for you.